Episode 1: The Blessed Business

Episode 1: The Blessed Business
The Blessed Business Podcast
Episode 1: The Blessed Business

Jan 01 2019 | 00:15:35

Episode 0 January 01, 2019 00:15:35

Show Notes

Introduction to The Blessed Business Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of The Blessed Business Podcast! The primary goal of our podcast is to offer insight that helps Christian business leaders and entrepreneurs LAUNCH and GROW blessed businesses. When you apply Biblical principles in your life and business you will experience living in the flow of blessing. What is the flow of blessing? It is the favor of God actively manifest in your life as a direct response to your intentional alignment with the biblical principles and purpose of blessing. If you are a Christian business leader, or entrepreneur, and want more of God's blessing in your life, this podcast is for you! So join us on this journey to understand and walk in the blessings of God.

Learn more at our website: https://theblessedbusiness.com/

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